Sunday, 29 September 2013

Low Glucose Tolerance Detected !

So it was my seventh week when I went for the first Ultra Sound !!
There was no kid to be seen, just a small sack on that black and white screen, but I could see the heartbeat and hear it too, it was surreal :) :)
Something Like This !
Out of all the tests doctor prescribed only one was not too good. I was diagnosed with high blood sugar, low glucose intolerance, which meant I need to take super care of my diet and have good exercise so as to not have sugar levels more than 120 at any time of the day.
My patterns were clear after I took the tests after each breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 consecutive days !
They were slightly more after lunch and dinner, the upper limit was 140 when I ate all rice.
So my I consulted another specialist for the same, besides giving me a diet chart (eat anything you want, but in small quantities, and eat every 2 hours) he prescribed Acarbose & Metformin Tablets, had to swallow half each during lunch and dinner.

Seemed like it worked, but my gyn wasn't satisfied and asked me to get NT Scan, (Some kind of scan that ensures if kid is not affected by the down syndrome).
 Now this NT Scan was kind of funny, they wanted the kids picture in a particular position, where they could clearly see the neck of him/her and measure some soft tissue.
When the doc started the scan I thought it would hardly take 5-10 minutes to get it, but the kid was literally dancing and as if refused to get into that position. It was so pleasurable to see him/her moving those tiny little limbs, it was totally dreamlike !!

Finally it was after 2-3 walks and almost 80 minutes the kid came into the desirable position and they took the pictures and measurements.

This was the required position !!!

The report came after what seemed like eternity, but thankfully there was low risk !!
And the doctor was too kind to ask me to follow my diet schedule and take medicines timely.

But managing diabetes and pregnancy is a full time job !
It was in the second month when I was scheduled to travel, my doc told me there are no issues in traveling unless you can mange your diet and nausea and medicines etc.
I should be talking about, what happens when you travel in your first trimester in my next post !!
Till then happy pregnancy :) :)

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